An average adult is typically taking two or more prescription medications. Patients’ compliance with their medication schedules determines treatment success. The most common reasons for non-compliance to medications is either lack of desired therapeutic response or occurrence of undesired side effects. Response to medications is influenced by one’s genetic profile. Knowledge of a patient’s genetic composition can determine whether the patient’s body breaks down a drug rapidly, leading to minimal or no therapeutic response, or breaks down the drug slowly, producing a delayed response and/or side effects.

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing will help uncover your biological response to different medications. CQuentia provides the comprehensive, industry-leading pharmacogenomic testing, developed incorporating the guidelines laid by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) in our CLIA-certified laboratory, covering 43 genes and their 209 variants (mutations). Patients who have availed themselves of CQuentia’s PGx testing have seen noticeable reduction in side effects and narcotic use. Additionally, they have avoided hospitalization and emergency department visits.

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