What is CQ Live?

In the United States adverse reactions to prescription medications is the 4th leading cause of death, and over 2 million people are hospitalized or suffer serious injury due to their prescriptions. To find the balance between risk and therapeutics success, multiple variables must be weighed:

  • How do drugs react to each other?
  • How do they behave with food?
  • Do they present unique risks for people of certain ages and ethnicities?
  • How do they combine to cause unintended effects?
  • Are they contraindicated based on the medical conditions they are trying to treat?
  • Will they provide the intended benefit based on the patient’s genetics?

Doctors must understand all the risk factors impacting a prescription’s safety and efficacy. CQ Live is designed to help tackle this problem by using the patients’ genetics and other criteria to enable doctors to understand what drugs will work for the patient and which might cause them harm.

A Patient-Centered Approach

CQ Live builds on the insight genetics adds to medication management. We harness a proprietary real-time modeling tool to find all the right information while ensuring it’s precisely tuned to each individual patient.

CQ Live approaches the problem with the patient at the center. Genetics, demographics, lifestyles, and medical conditions are all considered to synthesize risk and provide the clinician medication direction that is uniquely tailored to each physician specialty.

What areas of medicine benefit from CQ Live?


Pain Management

Family Practice




Long-Term Care

Behavioral Health

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