As a leader amongst your peers, nothing is more important than patient safety. In today’s pay for performance environment managing risk, resources and complexity isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. At CQuentia we share your dedication to improving patient outcomes before, during and after surgery. CQuentia understands the challenging demands of the perioperative process and how to help you exceed your institutions clinical and fiscal objectives.

CQuentia’s proprietary Perioperative Pharmacogenomic testing program utilizes the patient’s unique individual genetic profile to identify how he or she will respond to various medications used during and after surgery. Our report also identifies a patient’s genetic risk for malignant hyperthermia, thrombosis, or a pseudocholinesterase deficiency. CQuentia’s proprietary process includes a genetic testing panel, developed incorporating the guidelines defined by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC), and an anesthesia report created by anesthesiologists, for anesthesiologists.

The combined view of medication efficacy and risk factors provides a greater level of patient detail that directly impacts the success of the surgical event. CQuentia’s PGx-guided medication management has proven to reduce narcotic use during surgery, decrease instances of post-operative side effects (such as nausea/vomiting) and improve post-operative pain scores.

Find out what Dr. Richard Shapiro, Executive Associate Clinical Director of MedStar Medical Group Anesthesiology, have to say about working with CQuentia.

CQuentia’s best-in-class Pharmacogenomic Testing Program will streamline your perioperative process and significantly reduce risk throughout the surgical procedure by providing advanced clinical insight from the patient’s unique genetic profile. Contact us to enlist your institution in a no-risk trial of our Perioperative PGx testing program and be our partner in improving global health care by accelerating the impact of genomics on patient care.

CQuentia, more than a lab, more than a test. The leaders in the new frontier of genomic testing and personalized medicine.

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