Conquer the new frontier of genomic testing and personalized medicine.

As a partner, I've found CQuentia to be one of the most user-friendly companies. They have been at our side, receptive to learning and have done nothing but support our system.
Dr. Ruth Waterman
Interim Chair of Anesthesia
UC San Diego Health System
Our objective is always prevalence. How many people can we help? CQuentia struck us as a power tool to optimize meds for a patient off of just a cheek swab.
Pete Celano
Director of Consumer Initiatives
MedStar Health
The field of pharmacogenomics is the greatest godsend to anesthesiology in the perioperative process. I would recommend CQuentia to other institutions – this is going to be the medicine of the future.
Richard Shapiro
Associate Executive Clinical Director
MedStar Medical Group Anesthesiology