D. Alan Meeker

Chief Executive Officer

D. Alan Meeker serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is a co-founder of CQuentia. Mr. Meeker has over a decade of experience in the genetics field in the United States and globally. His business concerns own genetic research assets in the U.S. and Argentina. Mr. Meeker also has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Conglomerate and Crestview Group of Companies since 2000. The Conglomerate and Crestview Group of Companies are engaged in a varied and diverse array of business pursuits, including healthcare, genetics, oil & gas exploration and production, air freight and logistics, land and land rights acquisition, agriculture and insurance products.

Prior to founding the Conglomerate and Crestview Group of Companies and beginning in 1995, Mr. Meeker was a private developer and consultant for multinational companies specializing in sophisticated contract negotiation and representation in the genetics, hospitality, oil & gas, finance and real estate fields in established and emerging nations. Prior to 1995, Mr. Meeker served as trust manager of the EHM Trust, a private family office. While at the EHM Trust between 1990 and 1995, Mr. Meeker specialized in asset management, financing structure, commercial development, and acquisition & divestiture in the oil & gas and real estate fields. Mr. Meeker attended Texas Christian University.

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