Creating the new frontier of genomics and personalized medicine.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving human health by accelerating the global impact of genomics on patient care.

Our Vision

Improving patient care globally by leveraging advancements in molecular science and technology backed by industry-leading clinical research.

Our Focus

We improve patient care by providing you and your institution with the following essentials:

  • We provide reliable, accurate and actionable genetic and molecular information backed by leading science and technologies, delivered promptly at the point-of-care.
  • We help increase your patients’ satisfaction by lowering medication risk, improving clinical outcomes and reducing total cost of care.
  • We build your innovation arsenal by integrating genomics and structuring avant-garde practices in today’s workflow for your practices.
  • We ensure your success by providing insights and actionable information to deliver Precision Medicine and maintain competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • We are a team of thought leaders, researchers, clinicians, healthcare leaders and laboratory experts committed to improving human health globally.

Our Story

CQuentia was created as a comprehensive analytics platform for personalized medicine, integrating genetic test results from our CLIA-certified laboratory, with scientific knowledge and clinical action. Learn More

Our Executive and Management Teams

We are a team designed to serve this purpose and have unique members that are totally complementary, including physicians, scientists, clinical quality officers, health economics individuals, laboratory and genetics operators, sales team, data scientists, and engineers. Meet Our Leadership

Our Laboratory

Our clinical laboratory team has extensive experience in the industry to translate novel genomic science into a provider-integrated, scalable solution with faster turnaround times, integrated with the clinical workflow for all the tests you require. Learn More

Partner Testimonials

CQuentia is committed to working with our partners every step of the way as we work side-by-side to improve patient care by leveraging the most scientifically and technologically advancements available. Hear From Our Partners

Careers at CQuentia

If you are seeking opportunities that define your career, come join our team to champion our mission. We are a diverse, passionate and cohesive team committed to improving human health globally and changing the world. And, we’re just getting started. Join Our Team

Conquer the new frontier of genomics testing and personalized medicine.

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